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About Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is an international merger, acquisition, and logistic services company. It was founded by its President, Lawrence L Shipp, in June of 2004. The company mission is to create value for its customers, owners, suppliers, and employees through specialized services regarding merger, acquisition and logistic services.

Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. owns and operates Worldwide Steel Buildings, a manufacturer and distributor of steel buildings and building components, and US Steel Truss, a manufacturer of open web steel building frames and roll formed steel building components, such as steel studs, purlins, and girts.

Mr. Shipp’s background includes 30 years of Logistics experience with ConAgra Foods and Smithfield Foods, specializing in complex organizational logistics integrations and Supply Chain system synergies. He has an MBA from P.S.U., Post MBA work at Wharton and Gonzaga University.

International M&A and logistics work has been performed in Canada, Mexico, Turkey, India, Malaysia, The Netherlands. United Kingdom, and Belgium. Consisting of network designs, acquisition negotiations, merger integrations, aprivate fleet evaluations, 3rd party supplier analysis and cost reduction projects

Current clients include both Private Industry and the USDA.

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